Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Imperfect : Why women SHOULD NOT be going crazy for MAC cosmetics

Why, you ask ? I will be glad to tell you. The first question I am often asked by new clients is "Do you have MAC cosmetics in your kit?" to which I reply "No, I do not" I then tell them why. I refuse to use chemical-ridden products on my clients- not only for health risks, but for many with skin allergies, such as myself. I have given MAC a fair shot and tried their foundation, powder, bronzer, eye shadows, and lipgloss, and had adverse skin reactions from the face products (eye shadows and lipglosses seem to be 'safe') and will not take that risk for my clients - not to mention it is very heavy and definitely clogged my pores- not so ideal for women with problematic skin.

In my professional kit, as well as personal, I recommend Face Atelier  for foundations (which were all used in my photos), lipsticks, and lipglosses, Makeup Forever for eyeshadows, and eyeliners as well as mascara. Another is an all natural fruit based cosmetic line called 100% Pure, I will talk more about them later.

So why do women swoon over MAC? I think the misconception lies in the more expensive the product, the better it must be. But that couldn't be further from the truth. I have friends that swear by MAC, and will be happy to spend nearly a week's paycheck for their makeup and brushes- for me, and many others though, it is highly overrated. When researching new products, I immediately look at the ingredient list...which is ironically no where to be found on MAC's website-or anywhere for that matter. In fact, when I had a question if a certain ingredient was present in their face products that I was allergic to, I had to send an email to customer service, and wait days for a reply with an ingredient list. Any company who is ashamed of posting their ingredients in plain view, is one I will stay away from.

However, I am not bashing the entire MAC company-they do have pros, as almost everything in life has-pros and cons. The question is whether or not the pros outweigh the cons, in which case with MAC, they do not. MAC does, however, promote environmental protection, by having a program called "Back 2 Mac" which is a recycling program where you can get a free product for bringing in your empty containers; as well as having a large humanitarian effort in the fight against HIV/AIDS. They also have a select few of vegan products. MAC claims they do not test on animals (another subject we will further discuss), however, they are a Lauder owned company-who IS known to test on animals..so that remains a bit fishy.

When I finally received the ingredient list for the foundation, I could only pronounce the first few listed. Among the list were parabens, lakes (color dyes), dimethicone, and bismuth oxychloride (the biggest irritant-and the one I personally am allergic to as well) which are all known skin irritants and harsh chemicals. Many women do not even realize certain skin symptoms they have, such as blotches, itchiness, and uneven skin tone are related to the unknown chemicals they put on their face day in and day out. MAC does have a large color variety, which makes it easier to find a match to the skin tone (we have all seen the dreaded foundation line across the jaw!), but what is overlooked is what is being put INTO that perfect color-skin irritants.

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes. What many people seem to forget, is that you are also what you put onto your skin. Sorry to say Makeup Art Cosmetics, you do not make the grade for this makeup artist.

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