Saturday, September 18, 2010

Perfect : 100% Pure Cosmetics

With talk about natural cosmetics, it's no wonder that a good-for-you cosmetic line would finally be invented. 100% Pure- is exactly that- 100 percent pure ingredients made from fruits and vegetables. Many companies claim to be "all natural" or "organic" when in reality, there are only a few actual organic ingredients included.

100% Pure is a relatively new cosmetic line founded by Susie Wang, once a chemist, turned vegetarian cosmetics inventor. 100% pure only includes vegetable and fruit ingredients-perfect for those who are allergic to chemically infused makeup. Wang is also an animal advocate, and even the brushes are vegan and made from animal-friendly synthetic material.

After hearing all the buzz going around, I had to try it for myself. Needless to say, I fell in love. My top 3 picks would include (from top of the list) the Fruit Pigmented Mascara (I tried it in Black Tea) and received the most complements , not to mention it not irritating my eyes, the Kabuki Brush , and the Cheek Tint (I tried it in peach glow) , which can be used as a cream blush and lip tint.

Cosmetics are not the only great things Wang has come to show us. The line also includes body wash, skin care, hair care, and lotions. I use the Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream (, and not only does it smell wonderful but moisturizes and firms. The nectarine and dark chocolate mocha are my favorite scents so far, but there are so many to try and choose from. I have also tried the hair care line, which also passes the test. There are even gift sets to choose from, and a special kids line, which includes an ice cream mint chocolate chip 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash (yum!).

Finally, a cosmetic line that can be called "all natural" that works! It certainly passes my test, congrats 100% Pure!

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